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Trump travel ban: Support among Bay Area conservatives ranges from tepid to red-hot

Eastbaytimes Feb 1: Art Kiesel, a moderate Republican and former Foster City councilman, stated the roll-out of Trump’s order halting refugees and temporarily barring immigrants from 7 Middle Eastern countries was “… (more…)

Tesla Powerwall to expand battery technology to homes, businesses

Mercurynews Feb 1: For now, the battery primarily serves as an expensive backup system during blackouts for customers like David Cunningham, an aerospace engineer from Foster City. (more…)

Laws, Regulations, Taxes, And Their Roles In Life Sciences

Seekingalpha Feb 1: …headquartered in Foster City, CA, stash colossal amounts of cash overseas. … …PFE ) deal for Allergan was basically shutdown by former President Barack Obama (archive: Jewel_Samba_AFP). (more…)

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Apartments to stay affordable: MidPen’s $17.1 million purchase helps to preserve, improve 55 Redwood City units

Smdailyjournal Mar 3: The transfer of ownership for the Atherton Court Apartments along Hwy 101 on Rolison Road just north of Marsh Road marks a step in a brand new direction for Foster City-… (more…)

Gilead Presents New Phase 2 Data on Bictegravir, an Investigational Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor for the Treatment of HIV

Drugs has a long article Feb 27: Gilead has operations in more than thirty countries worldwide, with headquarters in Foster City, California. (more…)

Ad Hoc Citizens Education Facilities Committee Openings

Fostercity Feb 23: The City of Foster City is looking for residents interested in serving its completely new Ad Hoc Citizens Education Facilities Committee! (more…)

Lucid exec sees another auto-building challenge

Siliconvalley Feb 22: Foster City, but spends much time at the Lucid offices in Menlo Park. In this article: Model S (archive) (more…)


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