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Roadshow: Golden Gate Bridge needs a sprucing up

Eastbaytimes Feb 20: A thousand of us are at a standstill on Foster City Blvd. to turn right on Metro Center Boulevard. (archive) (more…)

City considers rebuilding recreation center: Foster City to review community input on whether to replace or repair

Smdailyjournal has a long article Feb 20: In the midst of millions of dollars worth of infrastructure projects, Foster City officials and the community may soon settle whether to take on another endeavor — building a… (more…)

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Foster City (Block5)

Apartments to stay affordable: MidPen’s $17.1 million purchase helps to preserve, improve 55 Redwood City units

Smdailyjournal Mar 3: The transfer of ownership for the Atherton Court Apartments along Hwy 101 on Rolison Road just north of Marsh Road marks a step in a brand new direction for Foster City-… (more…)

Gilead Presents New Phase 2 Data on Bictegravir, an Investigational Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitor for the Treatment of HIV

Drugs has a long article Feb 27: Gilead has operations in more than thirty countries worldwide, with headquarters in Foster City, California. (more…)

Ad Hoc Citizens Education Facilities Committee Openings

Fostercity Feb 23: The City of Foster City is looking for residents interested in serving its completely new Ad Hoc Citizens Education Facilities Committee! (more…)

Lucid exec sees another auto-building challenge

Siliconvalley Feb 22: Foster City, but spends much time at the Lucid offices in Menlo Park. In this article: Model S (archive) (more…)


Foster City (Block6)